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A column of Chief Architect Young Choe, who designed KOK’s vision for technology and token economy, was published in the August issue of Blockchain Today magazine.

CA Young Choe delivers information about blockchain and extraordinary insights through the grounds of Blockchain Today. Thanks to this, the column has been continuously viewed and shared with great interest. In the August issue, interesting contents appeared containing all three keywords of frequently mentioned topics of the year: Blockchain, ESG, and Metaverse.

The most familiar keyword, blockchain, refers to the next generation technology that stores and preserves data in a “block” connected in a chain form, securing its validity and providing reliability by multiple participants. Metaverse means a virtual world where social, economic, and cultural activities can be enjoyed the same way as in reality. 

Finally, ‘ESG’ are the initials of Environmental, Social, and Governance- the philosophy that a company must operate on an eco-friendly, socially responsible and transparent governance structure in order to operate in the long run. This concept, which has recently risen rapidly, has inspired consumers and awakened numerous companies by taking over the Mining Out, Good Consumption craze. There is a widespread tendency to invest in companies that practice ESG and the public advocates for ESG management.

CA Young Choe read this trend correctly and suggested how the three trendiest keywords of the year will be combined. You can read the full text of CA Young Choe’s column on Blockchain, ESG, and Metaverse through the link below.


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