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NEW in Europe

KOK PLAY was developed with cutting-edge AI and blockchain technology to become a "community multiplayer" for next-generation digital content.

KOK PLAY offers various content such as gaming services, music, video content, shopping and wallet and returns the profits to the gaming and mining participants with a high dividend.

KOK PLAY is constantly growing based on different business models.

The more the KOK PLAY ecosystem is activated, the more revenue is generated, which in turn leads to an increase in the value of the KOK token.

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Introduction to KOK Mining

Deposit Bitcoins etc. into the KOK PLAY Wallet and set them to mine.
The funds set are used in the business to make a profit. You can receive a dividend according to the amount set from the profit.

  • from $ 300 - $ 10,000 and more - income / month / year = 4% / 48%

Dividends are credited daily with KOK tokens. KOK tokens can be exchanged for bitcoins etc. at any time.
You can cancel the set credit at any time.
If your friends, acquaintances or similar participate in mining, you will also receive a highly interesting referral bonus.

Download your mobile APP here - Recommender Code: NYBSYCMF

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 KOK PLAY - Remuneration structure

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How to join KOK PLAY !

How to register and start earning with KOK PLAY ! Registration in the project is free of charge:

Download and install the application

Download your mobile APP here - Recommender Code: NYBSYCMF

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🧷 When downloading an application, the phone may give a warning that the programme is from an "unverified source". Download it, give it all permissions and install it. Modern phones only consider applications from the Google Play Market and the App Store as "verified". Our platform is a direct competitor to these sites! 😎


     1. First line: Last name First name

     2. Gender: Male (masculine) Female (feminine)
     3. Date of birth (first 2 digits of the year, then month and day. Example: 860311)
     4. Password with at least 6 characters
     5. Confirm password
     6. Financial password 8 characters (you can repeat the above, change it later)
     7. Confirm the financial password
     8. Recommendation code: NYBSYCMF (after registration you will have your own code)

     9. Introducer Code: NYBSYCMF

     10. A tick that everything fits

    11. Mining cannot be started between the daily billing period from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. CET.

And click on the blue line at the bottom.
Congratulations, you are registered!